The Sarasota SURGE Rugby Club was founded in 2010 by a small group of International and American rugby players to fill the need for rugby in our area. We are a competitive D3 Men's Rugby Club representing Manatee & Sarasota Counties. Since our initial training session, we have had a rapid rate of growth in team membership. We are always recruiting new players! No experience is necessary to join. We have a full coaching staff that can teach anyone the game. We welcome new and veteran players alike, at all times throughout the season. Rugby is not a mainstream American sport, but is in fact the second most played sport in the world next to soccer. It is growing now very fast in the United States! It is the most physical, intense team sport around! Sarasota SURGE Rugby Club is entering its third season and quickly becoming one of the most competitive Division 3 teams in the state. Every year we play with the hopes of reaching the state championship and beyond. In 2016 we won the state Championship,  and finished 2nd in the south final.


Mens team


Established in 2011 and only had 18 players, now expanded to a squad of 30. Won the state championship in 2016 and are well on their way to win again this year. We are always looking for new players, if you are interested contact us through the CONTACT page.

High school Team


Established in 2016 only having 20 kids that had never played the sport before. After an intense season of training, our coaches managed to develop a team that went to the state  championship, finishing in fourth place, this year they are well on their way to win,

JV Team



Here are just a few of our coaches that we have. Each one with at least 15 years of rugby experience..


Gary Jones


Sarasota Surge Rugby president and coach for mens team

Ian Combe


High school and JV Coach and board member.

Timothy Beury


Sarasota Surge Rugby board member and youth coach.

Chris Speese


High school and JV Coach and board member.

Sarasota Surge Rugby